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New Hope, for decades, has been a haven for artists, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs. You might find a gallery next to a hot sauce shop across the street from a bar with a live band on one block and fine dining near an antique store the next.

Doylestown has a small town shopping district with fine shops (We love the two bookstores in the same building!) but it is also the home for some very unique museums and tours.

Every season holds its own allure; fall foliage, farmer's markets and wine tastings, spring fresh green sprouts and wildflowers, winter landscapes, fireplaces and hearty foods, summer sun and new adventures.

Whether you're interested in restaurants and wineries on the Delaware River, the history of Washington Crossing or just want to have a nice scenic drive and explore other river towns, here are some of our favorites.

Philadelphia, the nation's birthplace, the city of brotherly love, has such a huge variety of things to do and see they cannot all be included on any one single website. But we lived there for decades before moving to New Hope to be innkeepers. Here are some of our favorites that you might not know about.

There are lot of theme parks, tours, outdoor areas and other attractions that are generally 1-2 hours away. Here's some visitor favorites.

History comes to life when you're onsite and not reading about it in a book. From before the the Revolutionary War to recent decades, some of these places are well known, others will be brand new to you!


Here is where you will find popular annual events, holiday celebrations, unique experiences and just-for-fun suggestions. We update our page frequently so you will know when you want to come stay with us!  

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