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Well Wishes!

It's the first day of autumn and that means fall foliage, crisp crunchy apples, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and of course ciders, ales and wineries. Whatever drives you to explore the countryside, we encourage you to linger a bit and enjoy it at your leisure instead of a hectic one-day excursion.

Arguably, our favorite guest spot is along Aquatong Creek; which runs along our southern property border. It's just a short walk down the hillside steps -- built into the natural red rock -- and through the trees to our sitting area along the gurgling water. Enjoy the fall colors of our maples, oaks, sycamore, walnut and yes, even one of the few remaining ash trees in Bucks County.

You might even encounter a deer, or several, as we have two families of them visiting frequently. You might also spot a fox slipping through the bushes along with the usual complement of rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels and as many as 15 varieties of birds in one day. Their songs are the perfect accompaniment to the sound of tumbling water while resting in the shade.

We welcome you all year 'round, but take advantage of this year's color display at a relaxing pace. You won't be disappointed.

Well wishes,

Scott & Micheal


Wishing Well B&B


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