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Welcome to New Hope

New Hope & Ivyland Railroad

A walk along the past.

Stroll along the Delaware Canal and enjoy a little solitude. For over almost 100 years boats, mules and barges used the canal for transporting goods. Don't be surprised to see cyclists, runners and walkers along the tow path. 

On the south end of the canal, near the New Hope border, you will find a set of locks and the old lock and dam building which has been turned into a museum where you can learn more about the history of the canal and the town.

New Hope has almost as many restaurants, pubs and cafes as there are residents. (Kidding. There are more restaurants.)

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Our LGBTQ community is thriving and vibrant. Check out the New Hope Celebrates website for all your interests.

Friends of the Wishing Well

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Be sure to visit these friends

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