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For a small town, Doylestown is packed with fascinating history and people. Pulitzer Prize winning author James Michener lived here and the Michener Art Museum is a jewel not to be missed. Across the road from it is the Mercer Museum named for another famous resident, archeologist Henry Chapman Mercer. It houses the most 'stuff' one man could collect in a lifetime.

Fonthill Castle was Mercer's home. It not only has an elegant exterior but also a jaw-dropping interior of amazing tile work. You can also visit the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works across the lawn to learn more about how these stunning tiles were created, and of course buy one to take home with you.

In addition to these curiosities, there is a full day's worth of browsing, shopping, dining and discovering in the downtown area. Bookstores, clothing stores, knickknacks, pubs, home cooking and high cuisine are all available. And don't forget to catch a matinee or evening showing at the County Theater. where you can find classics, new releases, art films and limited releases.

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