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  • We use Mrs. Meyers natural Eco-friendly dish soaps, hand soaps and cleaning products. We are in the process of evaluating additional guest room products.

  • Linens and towels are changed upon request only.


  • We used non-bleached coffee filters


  • We provide reusable bottles and a filtered water dispenser to reduce need for bottled waters.


  • We  use energy efficient appliances and air conditioners.


  • Our business cards are printed 100% recycled material. We are working towards making all of our inn materials to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our rack cards and other promotional items use vegetable-based inks.


  • Individual daily newspapers are not only wasteful, but can be costly. We do provide a Sunday newspaper for the house.

We strive to be

as Eco-conscious as possible throughout the Inn and the grounds

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  • We use seasonal locally grown or prepared foods whenever possible.


  • Any food scraps that can be, will be composted.


  • Paper products will be recycled or composted depending upon the item.


  • All glass and appropriate plastics are recycled.


  • We have a battery-powered lawn mower and we have converted much of our outdoor lighting to solar-powered devices.


  • Native plants are our first choice in landscaping and gardens. Not only are they generally maintenance free, birds, bees, butterflies and animals also thrive. 


  • We use no pesticides, fungicides or herbicides on our property whenever possible. Our home composting is used to add nutrients.


  • Containers to gather rainwater are being evaluated.

If you have any additional  ideas or suggestions, we would be happy to hear them!
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